Scope of Services

FF&E | OS&E Purchasing & Procurement

  1. Phase 1 | Briefing
  2. Phase 2 | Listing
  3. Phase 3 | Pricing
  4. Phase 4 | Tendering
  5. Phase 5 | Ordering & Manufacturing
  6. Phase 6 | Warehousing & Logistics
  7. Phase 7 | Deliveries
  8. Phase 8 | Installation
  9. Phase 9 | Final Documentation


  1. Become familiar with the project and Client requirements; in particular with operational policies, site conditions and activities of other consultants
  2. Receive all relevant and necessary information and overall budget from the Client and specialist consultants in order to prepare listing onto database.
  3. Receive the following documentation from the Interior Designer as approved by the Client:
    1. FFE and OSE Control Books, complete with illustrations and samples
    2. Layout Drawings
    3. Elevation Drawings
    4. Detailed Specifications


  1. Load each item onto a database to produce a detailed listing, which includes for each item its reference, location, quantity, budget & actual values, size and specification
  2. Include in the listing any additional items as instructed by the Client
  3. Agree pc sums for any essential budget figures missing from the Bill of Quantities
  4. Obtain Client approval for the initial itemised budget
  5. Agree procedure for Client approval to any revisions or modifications on the approved documents approved by others
  6. Prepare initial outline FFE and OSE programme to conform to overall programme


  1. Contact all nominated suppliers to negotiate:
    1. Up to date prices, including delivery and/or freight charges to site
    2. Manufacturing periods
    3. Request samples and/or shop drawings, where applicable
    4. Discounts
    5. Terms & Conditions
  2. Monitor any changes against approved budget and if an overspend is occurring to either advise Client or propose alternative supplier, subject to Client approval, in order to maintain budget
  3. Enter confirmed prices into system to provide cost report for approval by Client


  1. Preparation of tender Packages
    1. Submit to the Client for approval, if required, each tender package together with a list of proposed tenderers
    2. Co-ordinate any queries from tenderers to ensure that the overall design and quality is adhered to
  2. Assessment of Tenders
    1. Advise Client of any proposed alternatives submitted by tenderers
    2. Assess all tenders for prices; including freight charges, if applicable
    3. Advise Client on any special conditions proposed by any tenderer; notably delivery times and terms of payment
    4. Advise Client if prices exceed approved budget prices and recommend alternatives to ensure that the approved budget is adhered to
    5. Negotiate prices and terms & conditions with each successful tenderer and advise Client accordingly
    6. After meeting with Project Team prepare Purchasing & Manufacturing programme so as to fit in with overall programme of project
    7. Obtain detailed shop drawings for approval by Interior Designer and Client from successful tenderer prior to placing of official order
  3. Prepare Purchase Requisition or Official order for Client approval prior to issuing an official order to suppliers highlighting any special conditions

Ordering & Manufacturing

  1. Agree with Client a Purchasing Procedure ensuring that all necessary funds are in place prior to commencement of any purchasing
  2. Open Client accounts, where applicable, with main suppliers
  3. Issue official purchase orders to suppliers complete with detailed specification sheets and illustration or approved shop drawings for each item
  4. Chase suppliers on a regular basis to ensure that they can adhere to the overall programme of the project
  5. Carry out factory visits to major suppliers ensuring quality and delivery dates are being adhered to and to arrange for factory visits for Client, if required
  6. Inspect finished goods from major suppliers prior to delivery
  7. Prepare cost reports for Client meetings as and when required
  8. Ensure that all fabrics and linings are treated to the relevant local FR standard

Warehousing & Logistics

  1. Arrange for all FF&E and OS&E suppliers to deliver to a nominated warehouse
  2. Liaise with Warehousing & Logistics company to take into storage all FF&E and OS&E items
  3. Upon taking into storage and prior to delivery to site, arrange split up of FF&E and OS&E items of each supplier per area and floor
  4. Arrange delivery to site as and when required per area and/or floor
  5. Arrange labour to unload and distribute all FF&E and OS&E items in relevant area and/or floor
  6. Arrange for disposal of all rubbish relating to FF&E and OS&E items


  1. Co-ordinate deliveries of all suppliers to an agreed address as stated on the order, ensuring that suppliers adhere to a phased programme, if required, so as not to cause unnecessary congestion on site
  2. Monitor any claims on damaged items upon delivery to site or warehouse
  3. Ensure deliveries are completed by suppliers; any part delivery is to be recorded and delivery of balance to be monitored very closely until completed
  4. Suppliers to be notified of any damaged items received upon delivery and are to advise when rectification will be carried out – either on site or at factory


  1. Arrange for extra labour, if required, to ensure smooth installation and distribution of all FF&E and OS&E items and dispose of all packaging
  2. Arrange for specialist labour, if required, to be on site at an agreed time with the main contractor
  3. Carry out snagging on behalf of Client, identify missing or damaged items and arrange for delivery or repair as appropriate
  4. Prepare complete handover document for each area or room upon completion of installation

Final Documentation

  1. Advise Client of methods of payment for all suppliers; notably pro-formas, deposits and letters of credit or telegraphic transfers
  2. Receive all invoices from suppliers, identify with relevant orders and forward onto Client for settlement
  3. Co-ordinate with Client and suppliers all aspects of local VAT, Import Duties and other charges, where applicable
  4. Obtain from all suppliers any manuals, warranties and guarantees and forward onto Client
  5. Obtain all necessary FR certificates and forward onto Client
  6. Assist in preparing the Purchasing Manual for Client for all FF&E and OS&E items, incorporating Specification Sheets with illustrations, fabric samples and FR certificates for each item